Angry Walmart Customer Gets On Intercom

Anyone who has shopped at a big box store knows there is a special kind of frustration that hits you when you need help but can't find a sales associate anywhere nearby. Most people will just go on an adventure, walking what feels like miles as they hunt for someone in a vest or an apron who can help, but Forrest Hunter took matters into his own hands and is being hailed a hero

Hunter stopped by his local Kentucky Walmart to buy a hunting license, but no one was working the counter in the sporting goods department. So Hunter picked up the phone, dialed into the intercom and paged an associate for help calmly saying, "Customer needs assistance in sporting goods, please. I'm the customer." 

He posted a video of the move on Facebook and it's now going viral


Hunter didn't get in trouble for using the intercom, and it actually worked - he got help. 

People commented on his post to say how they've been in his shoes and totally know how he felt needing to find someone to help him at the store:


And some people want him to teach an Intercom 101 class:


Walmart has previously said they are working to add new technology that allows employees to spend their time helping customers. 

Photo Credit: Getty


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